Ing. Eva Boszorádová, PhD.


Phone: + 421/37 6943 110

Research interests:
plant biotechnologies
preparation of the vector constructions
transformation of plant tissues
analyses of regenerated transformants

Selected publications (last 5 years)

  • BOSZORÁDOVÁ, Eva - LIBANTOVÁ, Jana - MATUŠÍKOVÁ, Ildikó - MORAVČÍKOVÁ, Jana. Application of Arabidopsis tissue-specific CRUC promoter in the Cre/loxP self-excision strategy for generation of marker-free oilseed rape: potential advantages and drawbacks. In Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 2014, vol. 36, no. 6, p.1399-1409.
  • JOPČÍK, Martin - BAUER, Miroslav - MORAVČÍKOVÁ, Jana - BOSZORÁDOVÁ, Eva - MATUŠÍKOVÁ, Ildikó - LIBANTOVÁ, Jana. Plant tissue-specific promoters can drive gene expression in Escherichia coli. In Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 2013, vol.113, no.3, p. 387-396
  • BOSZORÁDOVÁ, Eva - LIBANTOVÁ, Jana - MATUŠÍKOVÁ, Ildikó - POLÓNIOVÁ, Zuzana - JOPČÍK, Martin - BERENYI, M. - MORAVČÍKOVÁ, Jana. Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of economically important oilseed rape cultivars. In Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture: International journal on in vitro culture of higher plants, 2011, vol. 107, no. 2, p. 317-323.