European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST)


COST Action CA18101 - SOURDOugh biotechnology network towards novel, healthier and sustainable food and bioprocesses (acronym: SOURDOMICS)
Traditional sourdough bread resorts to spontaneous fermentations leading to natural selections of microorganisms, mainly yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. Such microorganisms are essentially beneficial to humans and, concomitantly, inhibits propagation of undesirable microbiota. Sourdough fermentation was probably one of the first microbial processes employed by Man for food production and preservation. Sourdough bread stills widely manufactured at farm level across Europe and worldwide and is highly appreciated by consumers for its distinct flavour, texture and healthy attributes. Through a bottom-up approach, this COST Action network brings together a multidisciplinary group of scientists and SMEs/LEs dedicated for many decades to study cereals and sourdough technologies. In upstream, it aims at exploitation autochthonous (pseudo)cereals with good baking, nutritional and healthy attributes, while promoting a sustainable agriculture and preserving genetic diversity. Simultaneously, aims at contributing to develop new business opportunities to local farmers through their engagement into food processing with shared small-scale breadmaking facilities, and the integration into industrial and trade chains. Such features are in agreement with European Agenda for Food and Environment. In downstream, the biotechnological sourdough fermentation exploitation comprises several objectives: design starter cultures with a wide range of biotechnological applications; production of healthy and tasty varieties of bread, thus catalysing changes in consumers' diets and market orientations; production of high-added value metabolites resorting to sourdough microbiota; and valorisation of by-products from cereal production and sourdough technologies.
National delegate: Ing. Andre
a Hricová, PhD. (2019 - 2023)

COST Action CA18111 - Genome editing in plants - a technology with transformative potential
A great challenge of this century is to provide adequate nutrition for an increasing global population while developing a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture that counters climate change, biodiversity loss and degradation of arable land. Plant research and breeding are very important in meeting this challenge. Building on scientific progress, a number of genome editing techniques have been developed over the past two decades allowing an unprecedented level of precision in our control over genetic material and its corresponding traits. This COST Action will bring together expertise from a range of disciplines to evaluate plant genome editing techniques and their resulting products from various perspectives. The findings will serve to design a roadmap for directing and facilitating applications of genome editing in plant research and breeding, which in turn will help setting R&D priorities and stimulating further cross-national and cross-disciplinary collaborations.
National delegate: Ing. Martin Jopčík, PhD. (2019 - 2023)

COST Action FP1403 - Non-native tree species for european forests - experiences, risks and opportunities
National delegate: RNDr. Andrej Kormuťák, DrSc. (2014-2018)

COST Action FA 1208 - Pathogen-informed strategies for sustainable broad-spectrum crop resistance

National delegate: Ing. Jana Libantová, CSc. (2013-2017)

COST Action FP1204 - Green infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests
National delegate: Mgr. Martin Hajduch, DrSc. (2013-2017)

COST Action STREAM - Strigolactones: biological roles and applications
National delegate: RNDr. Radoslava Matúšová, PhD. (2013-2017)

COST Action FA1306 - The quest for tolerant varieties - phenotyping at plant and cellular level
National delegate: RNDr. Terézia Salaj, DrSc. (2014-2016)

COST Action FA1006 - Plant metabolic engineering for high value products
National delegate: Ing. Jana Moravčíková, PhD. (2011-2015)

COST Action FP 0701
- Micropropagation of conifer trees - an alternative method of plant production
National delegate:
RNDr. Terézia Salaj, CSc. (2011-2012)

COST Action FP 0905
- Biosafety of forest transgenic trees: improving the scientific basis for safe tree development and implementation of EU policy directives

National delegate: RNDr. Terézia Salaj, CSc. (2010-2014)

COST Action FA0605 -
Signalling control of stress tolerance and production of stress protective compounds in plants

National delegate: Mgr. Ildikó Matušíková, PhD. (2007-2011)

COST Action 871 -
Cryopreservation of embryogenic cultures of selected conifer species
National delegate: RNDr. Terézia Salaj, CSc. (2007-2010)

COST Action 863 -
Euroberry research: from genomics to sustainable production, quality and health
National delegate: RNDr. Gabriela Libiaková, CSc. (2005-2010)