Mgr. Maksym Danchenko, PhD.

Senior Scientist


Phone: + 421/37 6943 346

Research interests:
plant biotic and abiotic stress, somatic embryogenesis in conifers, proteomics and peptidomics

Selected recent publications

·        Nováková S, Šubr Z, Kováč A, et al (2020) Cucumber mosaic virus resistance: Comparative proteomics of contrasting Cucumis sativus cultivars after long-term infection. J Proteomics 214:103626.

·        Pernis M, Skultety L, Shevchenko V, et al (2020) Soybean recovery from stress imposed by multigenerational growth in contaminated Chernobyl environment. J Plant Physiol 251:153219.

·        Lakhneko O, Danchenko M, Morgun B, et al (2020) Comprehensive comparison of clinically relevant grain proteins in modern and traditional bread wheat cultivars. Int J Mol Sci 21:3445.

·        Kutsokon N, Danchenko M, Skultety L, et al (2020) Transformation of hybrid black poplar with selective and reporter genes affects leaf proteome, yet without indication of a considerable environmental hazard. Acta Physiol Plant 42:86.

·        Klimenko O, Pernis M, Danchenko M, et al (2019) Natural ecotype of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh (Chernobyl-07) respond to cadmium stress more intensively than the sensitive ecotypes Oasis and Columbia. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 173:86–95.

·        Benej M, Danchenko M, Oveckova I, et al (2019) Quantitative proteomics reveal peroxiredoxin perturbation upon persistent Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection in human cells. Front Microbiol 10:2438.

·        Nováková S, Danchenko M, Skultety L, et al (2018) Photosynthetic and stress responsive proteins are altered more effectively in Nicotiana benthamiana infected with Plum pox virus aggressive PPV-CR versus mild PPV-C cherry-adapted isolates. J Proteome Res 17:3114–3127.

·        Peptu C, Danchenko M, Škultéty L, Mosnáček J (2018) Structural architectural features of cyclodextrin oligoesters revealed by fragmentation mass spectrometry analysis. Molecules 23:2259.

·        Klubicová K, Uvácková L, Danchenko M, et al (2017) Insights into the early stage of Pinus nigra Arn. somatic embryogenesis using discovery proteomics. J Proteomics 169:99–111.

·        Flores-Ramírez G, Danchenko M, Quevedo-Díaz M, Skultety L (2017) Reliable tool for detection of novel Coxiella burnetii antigens, using immobilized human polyclonal antibodies. J Chromatogr B Anal Technol Biomed Life Sci 1047:84–91.

·        Danchenko M, Klubicova K, Krivohizha MV, et al (2016) Systems biology is an efficient tool for investigation of low-dose chronic irradiation influence on plants in the Chernobyl zone. Cytol Genet 50:400–414.

·        Gábrišová D, Klubicová K, Danchenko M, et al (2016) Do cupins have a function beyond being seed storage proteins? Front Plant Sci 6:1215.