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In the context of the 21st century consumer requirements, it is necessary to focus on progressive technologies for the new generation of smart foods with high added value, chemoprotective effect on human health and low energy input. The main objective of the project is to create conditions for sustainable health of 21st century consumers with regard on vulnerable groups of consumers through the production and development of quality, safe and innovative food and their subsequent environmental and energetic use in a close cooperation with practice. The tools for reflecting these needs are presented by 15 activities performing by the several academical institutions and privat enterprises. Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology PSBC SAS is involved in Activity 13 “Amaranth as innovative genetic source“ which is focused on detailed characterization of perspective mutant lines and new varieties of amaranths and their introduction into agricultural production for the purpose of rational use of natural resources, food security and dietary improvement for special (dietetic) groups of consumers.

Project milestones: (1) Morphological evaluation and selection of mutant lines and varieties of amaranths in field experiments; (2) Quantitative and qualitative assessment of new varieties and mutant lines of amaranth; (3) Application of -omics technologies for the characterization of varieties and mutant lines as new genetic resources; (4) Development of molecular markers of the quantitative properties of seeds; (5) Assessment of the accumulation of heavy metals and the occurrence of mycotoxin-producing fungi in amaranth plants from the aspect of its consumption and food security.