Mgr. Veronika Mistríková, PhD.


Phone:+421/37 6943 350


My current research is focused on the study of morphological changes in selected plant species (e.g. soybean, wheat) induced by the presence of heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, aluminium, using light and fluorescence microscopy.

Expertise - light and fluorescence microscopy, transmission electron and electron cryo-microscopy, low temperature sample processing methods (high pressure freezing, freeze substitution, plunge freezing), immunocytochemistry.



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  • Mistrikova V, Bednar J. Saccharomyces cerevisiae nuclear and nucleolar antigen preservation for immunoelectron microscopy. Folia Biologica (Praha) 2010, 56(3):97-109.
  • Lewandowska J, Kepczynski M, Bednar J, Rzad E, Moravcikova V, Jachimska B, Nowakowska M. Silicone-stabilized liposomes. Colloid and Polymer Science 2010; 288(1): 37-45.