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Demand-driven research for the sustainable and innovative food (acronym: Drive4SIFood)

(EU SF, OPVaI-VA/DP/2018/1.2.1- 06, ITMS 313011V336, 2019 – 2023)


Establishment of Research Centre "AgroBioTech"

(EU SF Research and Development, ITMS 26220220180, 2013 – 2015)

The main goal of the project is establishment of the regional competent center of applied research and development in the field of agro-bio-technologies in Nitra (AgroBioTech) which will integrate the excellent applied research through partnership of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra and Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology SAS in Nitra. The Research Centre will be focused on covering of priority areas in agrobiology, biotechnology, genetic technologies, agro-food industry, technology of agricultural crop processing, agroecology, bioenergetics directed towards sustainable production and quality of agricultural products in changing environmental conditions, production of strategically important food resources in SR, effective use of plant and animal agrobiodiversity, as well as towards advanced technologies of crop processing and biotechnologies oriented on healthy human diet and utilizing of renewable resources. The Research Centre will be equipped by top level research infrastructure what enables realization of research at international level with possibilities of application in praxis.

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Project coordinator: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Partners: Constantine the Philosopher University inNitra (partner 1), Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology SAS (partner 2)



Implementation of plant genetics resources and its support in sustainable development of Slovak republic eonomy

(EU SF Research and Development, 26220220097, 2011 –2014)


Application of innovative research approaches to intensify forestry

(EU SF Education, 160TT1001359, 2010 – 2013)

Biotechnologies as a tool of advanced agriculture for overcoming of anticipated climatic changes (drought, increasing temperature)

(EU SF Education, 160TT1001326, 2010 – 2013)